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Hope inspirational quotes
are paradoxical. Hope is not understood well. A minister recently said that one of the most power things their church needed to offer was hope, for so many people felt hopeless. In the inspirational quotes below are some inspirational quotes that speak of what it is like without hope. Contemplation of those inspirational quotes gives us perspective about Hope.

The Proverbs inspirational quote says not having hope maketh the heart sick. Bernie Siegal’s inspirational quote says that hope heals. Elwin White’s inspirational quote says that Hope is what is left to us when times are bad. Hope is essential for us today.

Hope is the step before Faith. Hope is the cord to be thrown to the dock to begin towing the ship’s heavy ropes across the water. We must never give up Hope, but come to cherish it for the lifeline it is out of despair. Hope is the possibility there is more. Where there is possibility, we can move. Hope is necessary to life. Find an inspirational quote that reminds you of the power of Hope.

      Hope is the thing with feathers
      That perches in the soul
      And sings the tune without the words
      And never stops, at all.

      -Emily Dickinson

      Anything that offers hope has the potential to heal, including thoughts, suggestions, symbols and placebos.

      -Bernie S. Siegel

      While there’s life, there’s hope.

      O dark, dark amid the blaze of noon,
      Irrecoverably dark, total eclipse
      Without all hope of day!

      -John Milton, Samson Agonistes

      Something was dead in each of us,
      And what was dead was Hope

      -Oscar Wilde

      Hope deferred maketh the heart sick.
      -Proverbs 13:12

      O God, our help in ages past,
      Our hope for years to come

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