Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes

How Do We Have Personal Strength and Power in today’s world?

Power is the ability to achieve Purpose

Power is the ability to affect Change.

  • Dr. Martin Luther King

“I think its also important to remember that Dr. King wasn’t just a theologian, poet and organizer.  That speech ended with these words:”  Quoted on Instagram by Brene Brown,

“Freedom is not some lavish dish that the power structure and the white forces imparted with making decisions will vountarily hand down on a silver platter while the Negro furnishes the appetite.  If we are going to have equality, if we are going to have adequate wages, we are going to have to struggle for it.”   Dr. Martin Luther King

Brene Brown who wrote about shame and perfectionism went on to say that “To me, social justice is about naming and dismantling the structures that deny power  to some while privileging others, and learning a new way of being where power is shared and infinite, not hoarded.”

Coincidentally this week, I have been reading Barach Obama’s book

    Dreams from My Father, A story of Race and Inheritance

Also I am reading a book by Nancy Iben called

    White Trash

The concept of family, social justice, slavery, and the lies that our American historians have told us as well as the whole concept of feelings that have been repressed, and the power that exists in all these complex relationships is a mind boggling concept. Being human is not easy.

Barach Obama talks about having met his Dad who was a Ph.D native from Kenya only once when he was ten years old and living with his grandparents in Hawaii, and how his father was most perfectionistic man, who was married quite a few times. Race and gender issues are dealt with bravely. Throughout the both books, there is this reference to self-esteem and identity. Barach Obama had a white mother whose parents were from the south but ended up living in Hawaii. His father was a native who lived and worked in Kenya.

Later as an adult, Barach Obama met some of his half brothers and sisters that lived in Kenya. Barach OBama had found out that power, as an organizer, was very much related in who you know, who was willing to get out and struggle and continue to try to raise awareness.

When he went to Kenya to visit his brothers, sisters, and hear the stories about his Dad, a number of the family had issues about his dad’s inheritance. As I read, I try to make sense of everyone’s relationship, and come away from it knowing that family is not easy. Racism is not easy. Sexism is not easy. Getting different religious groups to cooperate for the wellbeing of the community is not easy. Cooperating so to bring in new jobs and new employers is not easy. Not having roots as a black person has a huge impact.

My own family is not easy. I am from the South. My children are unimpressed. I love them. Yet judgments are made, and acted upon.

I will follow up with another essay about social justice. How do we hold the despair, victim, rescuer, perpetrator patterns, all the bad news of the day, and our own fear and all this unease in our relationships? It is a question that I am holding.

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