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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Humor Inspirational Quotes are wonderful for creating laughter. Laughter and smiles can really help us stay alive and joyous. Humor and laughter helps us to stay young. Humor keeps our juices fresh. Humor is a terrific strategy for when you have the doldrums.

Dark humor often is used by those people who are facing death. There’s certain grist of being able to face the unknowable with grim humor.

When something uncomfortable or embarrassing happens, we can defuse it with laughter. As our population is aging, we see more and more jokes about memory and aging. Laughing in the face of aging seems to be good revenge. I hope you enjoy these inspirational quotes of humor.

    Originality is forgetting where you got it.
    Zig Ziglar

    I have to put off some things several times before they slip my mind.
    -Zig Ziglar

    Laugher is the lotion for the sunburns of life.
    -Zig Ziglar

    Every time you graduate from the school of experience, somebody thinks up a new course.

    -Zig Ziglar.
    Don’t expect you ‘leader-ship’ to come in if you’re unwilling to unload the cargo.

    -Zig Ziglar.

    Laughter is the hand of God on the shoulder of a troubled world.
    -Zig Ziglar

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