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Monday, December 28th, 2009

Imagination is a very important function that we humans do not yet fully and completely understand. Imagination is used by athletes and musicians to perfect their performance. When we spend time imagining what it is like to attain a desire we have, we perhaps are actually tuning into the infinite and beginning the process of bringing that desired outcome to fruition.

      The full reach of infinity may be beyond our imagination, but imagination itself is infinite.
      –Addie Johnson

      It comes to you in a dream, or from a thoughtful conversation, or just from opening up your eyes and seeing something for the first time. How sweet it is that spark of imagination.
      –Addie Johnson

      The little ones still remember how to use the power of their imagination. They are still engaged in the utilization of their imagination — that is one of the reasons that keeps them so exhilarated.
      – Abraham

      Everything man creates or acquires begins in the form of desire, that desire is taken on the first lap of its journey, from the abstract to the concrete, into the workshop of the imagination, where plans for its transition are created and organized.
      –Napoleon Hill

      It does seem to be true that whatever we focus on tends to increase….Scientists have proposed that something more amazing is at work—that reality is open to the mind’s causal influence and is, in the words of David L. Cooperider, “often profoundly created through our anticipatory images, values, plans, intentions, beliefs and the like.” This suggests that we actually participate in creating what happens to us by the power of our positive or negative imagery.
      –M.J. Ryan

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