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Inspirational Quotes on Choice

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Inspirational Quotes on Choice

Inspirational Quotes on Choice hint that our power of choice is phenomenal. How often have you celebrated your acts of choice? Savor your opportunities for choice. Actively look for all the choices that you make in a day. Don’t let your day, your week, your years slide by without fortifying your power of choice. Your choice makes a difference each day to you.

      The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.
      John Dewey

      If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise.
      Robert Fritz

      Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.
      William Jennings Bryan

      If we could raise one generation with unconditional love, there would be no Hitlers. We need to teach the next generation of children from Day One that they are responsible for their lives. Mankind’s greatest gift, also its greatest curse, is that we have free choice. We can make our choices built from love or from fear.
      Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

      Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.
      William A Foster

      As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is up to us.
      A J Toynbee

      Every person, all the events of your life are drawn there because you have them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.
      Richard Bach

      The greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose.
      J Martin Kohe

      Powerlessness might just be the worst feeling we humans can face. When we’re imprisoned physically, emotionally, or even in our own minds, when we can’t choose our own destiny, we’re in trouble. This is the stuff of binge drinking, murderous rampages, and dyeing your hair blue just to see what it feels like. Seeking out choices and making good ones will always make us happier. And for those times when there seems to be no choice, try looking at the situation from another angle. There’s often a hidden gratifying choice in there somewhere.
      Addie Johnson

      When you’re all about control, the only choices you can make are choices that will help you maintain your sense of control. You are a slave to your own need to predict the future. The only way to make real, unfettered choices is to relinquish the need to know every possible outcome of the choices you make.
      Addie Johnson

Enjoy your power of choice. Hug it close. It is the power you are seeking. You might want to check out the inspirational quotes on purpose and self.


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